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Personal Training

Athlete Development
Pre and Post
Rehab Training

Service With a Smile

My Service, with any client, begins with analytical testing to find compensatory patterns within the kinetic chain. In other words, if you have overuse situations, atypical tightness in certain planes, or are prone to injury, I will find the faulty pattern that causes these problems. Within four sessions, the client should already feel the body is correcting itself. Consistent work on the stabilization system allows for the compensatory patterns to disengage, therefore igniting the appropriate muscles to kick back in and do the job meant for them!

Sports Conditioning and Performance Enhancement

An athlete needs to receive specific skills for the optimization of the sport performed!  Athletes will have the opportunity to enhance performance, kick mental games to the curb, and learn skills to enhance game!  One-on-one is available as well as groups/teams for strength/conditioning and performance enhancement.

Zoom Training

When buying a package of 10, the client will receive a 1) nutrition plan and 2) a program for days when not zoom training for continuance of goal attainment.

Corporate and Team Building

Customized team building workouts, events, or coaching engagements are available for any group pf people who want to enhance their ability to communicate, solve problems, and confidence building strategies! IF you are curious about how this works, please contact me and set up a confidential and complimentary call or meeting.

Writing Inquiries

If I can write something for your publication, or any type, I will send you samples of my work.
My Services are three-pronged, so please contact me for the prices:
512-797-1933 or