“I recently had a child with my wife, so I just got around to performing the first test.  And I must say, you got it right on the mark.  I did your first example and your numbers were right on target.  Thank you for your knowledge, it really, and finally, makes sense.”

– Gary G

“I have met Sarah Stewart for almost two years. I can say that I feel strong, fit and happy everytime I have a training class with her. She is the best!”

– Anna Hochman

“I’ve been working with Sarah for over a year now and have seen amazing results in that time. Within a few months of training I have never felt stronger or healthier. Sarah is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm she brings to every session. Her attention to my limitations helped me work through nagging shoulder, back and knee pain issues through focused strengthening and stretching and now these issues are virtually gone. She makes each workout challenging, creative and physically satisfying! She also places a high value on correct form with each exercise and takes the time to describe how each exercise affects which muscle group and desired results. She motivates me to push past my perceived limits to get results. I have increased energy, my balance and flexibility have improved immensely and it shows in my everyday activities. If you are serious about changing your life for the better, Sarah can get you back on track. Thank you Sarah, you are the best.”

– Ken D

“Let me begin by saying that Sarah is one of those very few trainers who don’t check their messages or watch the tv while they train their clients. What really impresses me about her is that she is 100% there for her clients, pushing them, assisting them and at times even restraining them when needed. The way it is important to train harder to make progress, it is equally important to stay away from injuries through proper form. This is where Sarah excels, when she emphasizes meticulous form. She is always varying and evaluating the workouts, often putting them on a sheet where the clients can take them home and practice when they have time. Her focus is on making you independent and responsible. I have found her to be very friendly and kind, always on time and ready to go. If you want to bring about a change in your lifestyle, whether you are trying to attain a certain goal or simply stay healthy so that you can enjoy life more, I strongly recommend you search her out, and be benefited by everything she wants to tell you and help you with.”

– Many V

“Sarah is hands down the best trainer I have had in 20 years. She caters my workouts base on my abilities and at the same time challenges me. She also makes it FUN! We have great group sessions, but I also do personal sessions with her once in a while. She has seen me through foot surgery as well. She is a dear friend who I look forward to seeing every week! Been with her over 2 years, and I plan to continue as her client.” Tonya Noble-Moore Noble Design “I’ve been training with Sarah for over two years–both in her group camps and as an individual. No matter what my schedule or what’s going on with injuries, etc, she makes it happen for you. She even lets me bring my 5-year-old to the workouts which really helps when you’re in a childcare pinch. (I’ve seen her training new moms and rocking their newborns while still leading the workout!) She really pushes your limit–in a good way but is a form fanatic which is ideal if you’re prone to injury like myself. I’m moderately fit, and I look like I’ve been hit by a truck after her workouts. Still, I would never go to that level on my own. Not to mention she’s totally professional and has a great positive energy that makes you want to show up again and again. And she doesn’t train just women. Half her clients, if not more, are men/and or serious athletes. (She completely destroyed my former athlete husband who calls her a “muscle with eyes.”) She’ll even create a camp for you and your friends or co-ed ones for co-workers at whatever time works. Like I say, she’s committed to making it happen for clients. I’ve trained with countless people over the years (including some celeb trainers while living in NYC) and Sarah’s been the one I’ve stayed with longest and who’s given me the best results. If you’re just starting out, I’d recommend some one-on-one sessions or ask her to do a trial camp session. She’s really good at assessing what level to place clients and groups accordingly. Camps are the more affordable option, but I think her one-on-one rates are very competitive. When I moved to Austin, I had a really hard time finding a trainer that was at the level of some of the ones I had in NY, especially since it’s not a regulated industry –but consider it found with Sarah.”

– Mary Moore

“Your classes are the only classes I have ever attended that I never wanted to miss!”

– Allison Davis, Attorney

“In 43 days, I’ve lost 3 inches throughout the mid-section (hips, waist, bust. I bought my dress almost 2 sizes too small. Could not lace it up in the back because the material only reached my sides. Now it fits across my whole body. It’s like a miracle. We’re at the mid-way point. We still have a long way to go. 69 days to drop 2 more sizes or 25 pounds. Thank you for pushing me! I could not have gotten here without you.”

– Theresa Moreno

“For those of you still considering joining the boot camp, this is just a little insight into this program. I recently did Sarah’s downtown boot camp and I was thoroughly impressed. It is not an exaggeration when I say I saw results after only 4 sessions– not four weeks– but 4 sessions. There was a definite change in muscle tone and my strength and overall ability improved. It was unbelievable how affective it was in such a short amount of time. Sarah goes out of her way to structure the workout to each individuals level. It is no doubt a challenge but one that is doable and rewarding. She has a great way of pushing you to your potential without being intimidating or demanding. Every session accomplishes a workout for the whole body so the benefits are all around successful. For me it was more than worth the time and any sacrifice. True it is early in the morning, but there is something to be said for building time into your day and getting that workout in and getting it done for the day. Those who know me can attest that I usually have two sense to put in on most subjects so this is it. I just thought it might help to know it is totally worth it if you are still debating.”

– Stacey

“I love her 165 hours a week, HATE her 3 hours a week. True Story: I was having lunch with my friend Andres (owner of Fair Bean Coffee shop) at Whole Foods. I look over his shoulder and say, “dayyyyuuuummmm… there’s a girl over there that could kick BOTH our asses.” He looks over and says, “Sarah… come meet my friend Don.” Turns out she’s also the trainer for my real estate partner Wendi. And upon further discussion, I find out that she has won some sort of “Texas Trainer of the Year” award twice. I’d never had a trainer before but decided to give it a go. So she trained me last summer for just a few weeks before she got hired at USC (yes THE USC) to be the trainer for their football team. She’s legit good. She moved back to Austin this year and we just started training again. If you need a trainer (and don’t want a sissy who will go easy on you), then go nowhere else but Sarah. She does one-on-ones and classes/group “boot camp” type things (which cost a lot less). And she’s really a nice person (just not 3 hours a week). And don’t judge… I know I’m not in shape but we JUST started training again. Plus if you hate on me, I’ll come kick all y’all’s asses once I finish her “Fit Divas” class (yes, that’s what it’s called and yes, I’m the only dude in there). If you see me, don’t call me Don. I answer to “Sue”.”

– Don P

“I started training with Sarah in 2005 when I was able to get off her waitlist and within three months, I lost 10 pounds of fat. I had not been in that great of shape in the longest time. She completely changed my routine. I used to run long distance and my body was used to longer workouts. Sarah taught me how to burn the same amount of calories in just 30 minutes by adding high impact bursts of energy while using my own body weight for resistance. She taught me workout routines that I could do anywhere – in a park, a hotel or on vacation. She not only changed how I viewed my workouts, but she also guided me with nutrition and inspirational motivation. There just aren’t enough trainers like Sarah in this world and I’d encourage you, if you are lucky enough to have her in your hometown, to do just one session with her. She is the most professional and dedicated person I have come to know in her field.”

– Jeanette C

“Wow, it’s hard to explain what Sarah has done for me over the past 4+ years – she has taught me a total new way to exercise using complex movements, a love for competition and she even taught me how to eat healthier. Sarah keeps me accountable for my workouts and is consistently educating herself on new and exciting ways to teach her clients. If you are looking for someone who cares about your physical well-being, you’ve come to the right place – it will change your life, it did mine!”

– Wendy E