Meet Sarah


I am Sarah, a passionate soul meant to carry out love and help for the human body we were designed to have!  My love for nature, animals, the human, science, and life have propelled me to reach as many people as possible on this Earth while I am granted being.

Clients receive training for fundamental fields of motor control, physiological, health/wellness, nutritional, bio-mechanical, epidemiological, and anatomical studies.   These directly correlate with how a human performs, heals, and lives at optimal ability and capacity. 

Here are examples of the types of clients I work with:
  1. Performance Athletes (professional, olympic, collegiate, amateur, etc)
  2. Fitness inspired bodies- people of all walks of life who need a boost, education, fitness programming, and amazing workout (specified to their unique anatomy and physiology
  3. Cancer Survivors
  4. Dementia/other mind altering issues
  5. quadriplegic/paraplegic
  6. osteoporosis/osteopenia
  7. Cancers (pre and post)
  8. limited by any other means (i.e.: disease, inability, specific performance need

As a Human Movement Scientist, the client starts at the level they are at and are guided specifically, scientifically, and progressively for attainment of short term and long term goals (according to their needs).

Sarah received her Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Sports Science with a fitness/wellness track at Texas Tech University. Her minor was nutrition, emphasis being sports nutrition. She holds three certifications; NASM -P.E.S., NASM-CPT, NASM-Corrective Exercise Specialist and is a Nutritionist. Sarah has been professionally helping humans connect with their bodies across America, primarily in Austin, with her mobile fitness training company and at select facilities. Her primary focus has always been to deliver optimal training for any walk of life and for any goal that comes her way!