Your Fitness and
Movement Compass

Training by Sarah Stewart

Kinetic Fit Systems specializes in developing protocols and fitness programs for all walks of life.

By joining any of my programs, there are several things that will become apparent to you:

1 Your technique will, most likely, drastically change

2 Your goals will be enhanced, at a deeper level, including strength, overall fitness, mobility/flexibility, coordination, and agility

3 Your understanding of nutrient composition and timing to see increased fat loss.

4 Your quality of life and vitality will be optimized due to increased health and fitness.

I offer the following comprehensive fitness propositions:

Individual or group training programs tailored to precision for optimal fitness and health

Nutrition coaching and tailoring

Online training programs for travel or for clients outside the Austin area

Comprehensive Fitness camps designed to provide you with all tools necessary for a multi-faceted fitness level

Training the human body and teaching the mind to correct old habits

What I can offer you

is the ability to encounter my personalized training with a scientific brainstorm of your life and history of exercise, followed by a an analysis of your actual movement and finally accurate programming (workout programs) for your individual state of adherence. What do you want in this short time period of life? The goals put on the table will be met and I will provide you the lifelong tools of succeeding.

Have you ever had a passion that you were enabled to fulfill?

My passion has always been involving movement with science.  I believe anyone can understand their individual body more in depth if they are given the right tools, have a little patience, and have the right chemistry in a coach/trainer! You will manifest exaggerated results if these are all in place.

I utilizes my expertise in the science of exercise and mechanics of the body to generate optimal goal attainment such a strength, sports specific conditioning (including Obstacle Races), weight loss, and rehabilitation. My mission is to take the individual and create a unique change from the ground up, allowing core stabilization and neuromuscular control to be the pillars of the foundation. With consistent motivation and accountability grabbing your focus, success comes fluidly and progressively!